If you are or have been an AMP SeroVera® user, please see this recommended replacement at a $50 savings,
AMPFLORACEL™ AMP 500mg.  AMPFLORACEL™ contains no L-Glutamine, a substance believed to have problems for many people.   AMPFLORACEL™ contains the same formula that Molocure had for over 10 years.  We use the original formulation that has helped thousands. The preferred Serovera replacement is AMPFloracel™ an original Molocure formula. 


According to many scientific studies on Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides, through specific enhancement of the body's defense mechanisms, the AMPFLORACEL™:

Our records show that better than 9 out of 10 individuals who have utilized AMPFLORACEL™ in successfully walking away from digestive disorders and disease have done so by first reading and understanding the Home Page and ALL the links. In other words, these individuals gained a firm understanding as to why they should take AMPFLORACEL™ and why they should stick with it. Our best advice if you are not a reader, with all respect: Become one and benefit greatly. You have sought an answer and we have provided the best solution available to date.

AMPSerovera® Alternative

Note: AMPFLORACEL™ is not “Aloe Vera” as Aloe is commonly understood. AMPFLORACEL™ is the STABILIZED healing agent, which has been extracted from the Aloe Plant. It takes the healing agent from approximately eight gallons of fresh Aloe Vera gel to yield just one ounce of AMPFLORACEL™. (1000 to 1 potency.) Accept no inadequate substitutes for your health.

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If you are an AMP SeroVera® user, please see this recommended replacement at a $50 savings,